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MINSK, September 10 (BelTA) – The active phase of the Belarusian-Russian strategic exercise Zapad 2021 [West 2021] has begun. According to the training schedule, the exercise will take place in Belarus and Russia from September 10 to 16, BelTA learned on the Zapad 2021 website.

The Zapad 2021 military exercise is a scheduled exercise and represents the last stage of the joint training system of Belarusian and Russian army units in 2021. It is primarily designed to improve the training levels of troops belonging to the force regional military, which is responsible for ensuring security in the Eastern European region. The exercise will focus on the deployment of regional military force to provide military security to the Federated State of Belarus and Russia.

“Zapad 2021 is a defensive exercise, which reaffirms Belarusian policy in favor of strengthening regional security and commitment to the commitments of the union with the Russian Federation,” noted the Belarusian Defense Ministry . “The concept of the exercise is purely defensive. The concept was developed taking into account modern approaches to the deployment of forces (troops) based on the experience of recent armed conflicts, combat training events and forms and methods of troop deployment, which were developed by Belarusian army and Russian army. . It will improve in practice the procedure for the joint use of defensive infrastructures. It will verify the readiness and capacity of the regional military force to carry out the designated missions. “

In Belarus, troops will use the 230th Obuz-Lesnovsky Combined Arms Exercise Area, the 174th Domanovsky Air Force and Air Defense Exercise Area, the 210th Ruzhansky Air Exercise Area and the Domanovsky Air Force Exercise Area. ‘Brestsky exercises as part of the exercise. The troops will also use nine army exercise areas in Russia (Kirillovsky, Strugi Krasnyye, Mulino, Pogonovo, Khmelevka, Pravdinsky, Dobrovolsky, Dorogobuzh, Volsky).

Almost 400 military personnel and more than 30 combat vehicles will be deployed to Russia to participate in the Zapad 2021 military exercise.

The exercise will consist of two stages. In Belarus, a number of training missions will be carried out. The main ones are the creation of a grouping of forces in a short period of time using army units, which remain combat ready in peacetime, enjoy high mobility and are capable of autonomous actions; controlling the actions of air force and air defense units during repulsive enemy air strikes; experimentation with new defensive actions; the landing of tactical airborne forces.

In accordance with the concept of the exercise, the number of people, main battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, multi-launch rocket systems, artillery systems and the number of planned aircraft sorties does not exceed level that triggers mandatory compliance with certain types of activities specified by various arms control treaties and agreements. About 12,800 people, including about 2,500 Russian soldiers and up to 50 Kazakh soldiers belonging to the collective rapid intervention forces of the CSTO, will participate in the Zapad 2021 exercise on Belarusian territory.

Of these, around 6,300 people (just over 3,700 from Belarus and around 2,500 from Russia) fall within the scope of the 2011 Vienna Document on Confidence and Security Building Measures. In addition, up to 350 armored units will be deployed, including approximately 140 tanks, approximately 110 artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems, as well as more than 30 aircraft and helicopters.

Upon completion of the exercise, by September 30, troops, weapons, military and special equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus will return to their permanent bases, while troops and units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus will return to their permanent bases. Russian Federation will leave Belarus. territory.

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