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Generally, to start a big project, either for personal life or for your business, you need to do extra credit. This way, secured home loans can be a good solution for these cases.

Although little used by Brazilians in general, this type of loan can guarantee several advantages for those looking for the best credit option.

Interested? So check out this article on how secured home loans work as well as what their pros and cons are.


How Do Home Secured Loans Work?

How Do Home Secured Loans Work?

This type of loan is intended to provide credit to a person using their own property as collateral for the transaction. Typically, this type of resource is used to carry out large projects, investments that require more resources.

To get the loan, you must have a property of your own, which can be residential or commercial. Some credit institutions also accept real estate on behalf of third parties as collateral, provided that the owner signs in agreement. It will be previously checked by the credit issuing company, without having to vacate it.

In addition to owning the property, the client needs to submit a series of documents to advance the analysis procedures.

  • ID and CPF;
  • property registration;
  • proof of marital status, residence and income.

Your payment is a very attractive factor, it can be at least one year and reach up to incredible 20 years, depending on the institution chosen. Thus, thanks to the security and comfort provided, interest rates are generally among the lowest in the market.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of loan?

home loan

Before making the decision to borrow such a loan, it is important to be aware of all the pros and cons of this service. After all, despite the benefits, the policyholder must be confident that his financial condition can meet the deadline.


This type of secured home loan is a type of personal loan and therefore you do not need to prove the final destination of the money. In addition, it has attractive interest rates, which average 1.15%, varying according to term and type of collateral. Usually the amount that is delivered is up to 50% of the total of the property placed under guarantee. Residential and commercial warranties are accepted, whether or not endorsed and land is also accepted as collateral for the operation.


To have access to this line of credit you must have your property free of charge, ie only real estate without alienation or mortgage is accepted. Another limiting factor is the minimum amount for a secured home loan, which is 50,000. Some institutions also define that the city where the property is registered must have a minimum of 50 thousand inhabitants.


In which case should I opt for this loan?

money loan

In addition to the possibility of acquiring real estate with access to the best interest rates and extended terms, this type of loan can be an excellent alternative for those with short term debt and higher interest. In the case of refinancing the loan money to pay off previous debts while borrowing a single one is a widely used condition.

The user must rely on long-term financial planning to use real estate disposal as a viable tool. This will give you a chance to fund large projects such as travel, start a new business or college for your children, more safely at lower rates.

Not always adhering to secured loans points to lack of monetary control, it can mean growth! With a good financial control you can realize your dreams and avoid many mistakes when buying resources for a property.

Want to know more about it? So get in touch with Finance Everything and find out how a secured loan can help you get your projects done!

You can still contact our Specialists to answer your questions and still know in detail all Finance All products! 

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Financing title transfer: how is this done? Mon, 16 Dec 2019 03:04:10 +0000 Read More "Financing title transfer: how is this done?"]]> Dealing with personal finances is usually a difficulty for many people. After all, how do you manage your budget correctly so that it can pay more at the end of the month?

Financing a car or home is a great alternative as it allows you to realize a dream without compromising your pocket immediately. It is possible to plan and pay them on time. However, you still have to pay them off to keep your bills up to date, right?

In this sense, the transfer of finance ownership tends to be a great way out. If you want to know how it works and how it is done, keep reading the text!


Why make the transfer of financing title?

Why make the transfer of financing title?

Imagine the following situation: You buy a new car and finance from the value on your behalf. However, some time later, some unforeseen events happen and for these reasons you have a hard time repaying your debt. What can you, as the holder of this operation, do?

The transfer of title is an option not to bear the damage that defaults on slips, for example, can cause. In addition to interest, you may be negative and have other problems of this kind. Transferring is a way to keep dealing with your appointments on time and not suffer from those concerns.


How to make the transfer of financing title?

How to make the transfer of financing title?

First, you need to notify the lender. The bank or lender who made the loan will make an assessment of the new borrower to see if he can actually take on the debt. For this, the registration data and the guarantees it has will be analyzed.

After that, some rules will be agreed with the institution in question. It is common for the transfer of an individual to be allowed only to another individual only. Another recurring practice is to maintain the same terms with respect to payment.

It is worth noting that those who have the credit are not required to accept this exchange. In such cases, it is recommended to look for a new bank or financial organization and try debt portability for lower interest rates. Another alternative is to look for refinancing.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of making the transfer?

money loan

The main advantage is to get better installment repayment terms if you keep paying the new borrower the loan. If you funded a property but decided to buy another, the transfer also comes in handy.

The negative points are the high fees may be charged to effect the process. Changing ownership can be more expensive than you think and the idea is to save resources, isn’t it?

There are also those who bet on a practice commonly called “drawer contract”, which consists of an informal document signed between the parties, but without taking into account the permission of the lender.

People from this to escape what is charged to make the transfer of title finance. This is not recommended because it can generate even more debt for you by putting your properties at risk.

If you liked the text, be sure to read these 4 tips to make your money pay more!

You can also contact our Specialists to answer your questions and still know in detail all Finance All products.

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Lend money in 24 hours and so it works! Thu, 26 Sep 2019 23:46:59 +0000 Read More "Lend money in 24 hours and so it works!"]]>

We help you to borrow money in 24 hours!

We help you to borrow money in 24 hours!

Borrow money in 24 hours – is there actually a 24 hour loan? And if so, how and where can you apply for it? Several years ago, I was in financial distress, in which I had to borrow money immediately! I needed cash and wanted to borrow money today!

In this post I recorded how I managed to get money in 24 hours! My experiences with how I managed to lend money quickly despite my difficult financial situation!

At the beginning of my credit inquiries, all the banks had refused me because I did not know that I did not have sufficient credit. That was clear. I had to borrow money without bank and without credit bureau query.

But then I learned how to get an instant loan without credit bureau in 24 hours. And I am very optimistic that you can still borrow money with it today!

Who lends me money in 24 hours?

Who lends me money in 24 hours?

The question to be answered was clear. Where can I borrow money today? How can I get an urgent loan? For one thing, I did not want to wait for any feedback from a bank at all. On the other hand, I realized that without a bank, I needed to find other lenders online.

But who will lend me money especially if I want to get an online loan payout immediately and my credit rating has been proven by a very low credit bureau score?

Here you will find my personal story of how I got into a financial emergency in Munich, and despite my credit bureau problem got a mini loan.

TODAY borrow money within 24 hours

TODAY borrow money within 24 hours

But still, the search for trusted platforms and the constant filling out of forms has driven me within a few hours in the madness. Pure despair. Who lends me money, fast and uncomplicated?

Lend money in 24 hours – ways to quickly bridge a short-term financial bottleneck

And then I knew, there is an essential question to answer!

How is it possible to borrow money quickly and easily?

I want to tell you about my personal experience and speed up your hunt for money. How I managed to lend myself money today!

Whether it’s a variety of credit platforms, or even banks that promise you the hustle and bustle of online banking, or lure instant credit card companies, or any other financial institution offering an immediate-loan instant loan, the fact is that you are moving into a veritable jungle of credit. And there are many traps in this jungle.

Borrow money in 24 hours and what to look for express loans!

Borrow money in 24 hours and what to look for express loans!

My goal was as clear as lump broth. I wanted to borrow money – immediately – without ifs and buts! Everything else was secondary.

If you are under pressure and want to change such a complicated situation, then a lot of thoughts go through your head!

How can I just raise money, where can I get money or can I lend anything for money? How can I borrow money today?

The brain rages and the thoughts just bubble. From experience, I also knew that many of my friends had always said, “If I’m in dire straits, I’m doing everything for money. No problem!”

I have to say, if you’re in a tricky situation, you’re already thinking of some crazy thoughts. “I urgently need money, do everything.” But who gives me money, easy money, no matter how and in what way?

GET MONEY / borrow money in 24 hours

GET MONEY / borrow money in 24 hours

Well, how could I borrow money in 24 hours? How was I ultimately successful?

After spending hours looking at a variety of online lenders, and almost giving up on nothing reasonable, I came across a page that was a bit different.

This website advertised a little informational video explaining in a nutshell what I had to do to get money into my bank account today! Finally no endlessly long texts, no general blablabla, that was really refreshing!

For me, of course, was important to get the cheapest possible loan. Logically, I did not want to pay horrendous interest. One more thing was clear to me. I wanted a loan without credit bureau entry.

I advise you to watch this video and to think that it makes a difference whether you apply for a loan online despite a credit bureau entry or, for example, start at a regular bank for a start down on ordinary “credit.

More information on how to delete the credit bureau can be found here: Delete credit bureau entry after remaining debt free

As I said, I have tried several providers, but nothing worked. Then I discovered the Loanrenn website.

At first I was as critical as with all other platforms. At first I thought to myself: “Damn, fill in a form again” But the video finally got me changed, and I took a closer look at the page of this lender. And from minute to minute, my confidence increased that today I would still get money in my account.

Tip: You should know your own credit rating. Read more about how you can apply for a free credit bureau self-assessment in just 3 minutes.

I’m a visual guy and I’m also extremely impatient. I thought, “O. k., just start, try it! “My good feeling did not deceive me.

What I found particularly good is the fact that you get a personal counselor. You can contact him immediately. So I filled out the form, and I was pleasantly surprised! Form completed, information and data sent and my personal advisor was already on the spot! This is how a successful credit immediate payment works!

I have to say, I did not expect that. It is extremely important to me that you have a personal adviser in the background with whom you can actually talk. I hate working with a pre-built system or entering my data into a form. Because that means in the background is a software that sends me an automatically generated rejection letter.

Well, I did not give up and in the end it worked. I wish you a lot of success and all the best to be able to borrow money today!

It does not matter if you need a bridging loan or you are looking for a lightning loan with immediate payment. You’re right here. We are looking for suitable lenders for you, where you can borrow money immediately and today!

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15000 USD Loan Requirements Tue, 27 Aug 2019 02:12:21 +0000 Read More "15000 USD Loan Requirements"]]>

Prerequisite for a loan of 15000 USD. The borrowing requirement of $ 15,000 differs for each bank / savings bank and depends on the professional status of the applicant. The same applies to loans. A loan should be a breeze. But just the opposite is the case if the conditions can not be met.

15 000 USD credit

15 000 USD credit

15,000 USD of loans are still in the small loan sector. Almost all credit institutions and credit brokers have suitable offers in this area. Numerous providers convince today with an immediate online promise and the possibility to apply for the 15000 USD credit online. But premature action can be costly with a loan of 15,000 USD.

Currently, the Gumorbank, the online loan and the credit Upor banks offers the cheapest real estate. Common to all three providers is simple loan processing. The two banks are also very much in favor of cooperation with the Gumor Group.

Although there are other providers, but even more accepted, these offers are particularly attractive as Gumorbank and the credit Upor banks offer the lowest interest rates. In third place stands the credit USDpabank. This convinced with an interest rate between 4.40 and 11.95 percentage points, depending on the creditworthiness.

Good credit

Good credit

This results in a contract period of 48 years and good credit worth a monthly fee of 340.80 USD during the contract period. The online loan is even cheaper. The interest rate here is between 4.35 and 10.90 percentage points. Thus, with a loan of 15,000 USD, a favorable lending of 340.47 USD is possible.

However, the best price offer is currently available at the Gumor Group. The repayment ratio with good creditworthiness here is only $ 340.08. The interest rate for this provider ranges from 4.29 to 10.99 percentage points. By varying the loan amount and duration, it always makes sense to provide a reconciliation for your own needs.

In order to receive a credit of 15000 USD, several conditions should be met. In addition, you should be located in the Federal Republic. It is also important that there is no fixed-term employment relationship, but that the contract is open. Some banks would also like to take a look at the bank statements of the past few months to verify the data.

Before the granting of a loan, a Schufa request is always made and the negative entries at the Schufa clearly indicate the end of a loan application.

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1500 USD Loan – Cheap Payday Loan Fri, 16 Aug 2019 01:40:22 +0000 Read More "1500 USD Loan – Cheap Payday Loan"]]>

1,500 USD credit – no problem for us.

1,500 USD credit - no problem for us.

To apply for a small payday loan amounting to 1,500 USD at your bank, a borrower must be creditworthy. Most people can get a loan of 1500 USD. The maximum loan amount of 600 USD will only be increased to 1500 USD for our existing customers. However, if you need amounts of $ 500 or to find a small payday loan with a loan of $ 2000-5000, it is important to compare the current conditions.

Installment loans, this is the cheapest 1,500 USD installment loan, if you want over 72 months financing!

Installment loans, this is the cheapest 1,500 USD installment loan, if you want over 72 months financing!

Installment loans, this is the cheapest 1,500 USD installment loan, if you want to pay over 72 months! Other types of installment loans with a loan amount of $ 1,500 and a loan term of 72 years may be cheaper than the currently selected $ 1,500 immediate loan with a loan term of 72 months for a cost-effective and rapid project financing:

For a USD 1,500 car loan with a maturity of 72 months, the online bank offers particularly advantageous interest rates due to the equivalent value to be obtained, as further protection and minimization of the credit default risk is ensured by the submission of the vehicle registration document. With a car financing of 1,500 USD you will certainly cheaper driving – no matter whether your desired vehicle is a used vehicle, a new car or a moped.

â $ œWhether you want to replace a bad credit old loan or your current account with a cheap 1,500 installment loan, you can reduce your loan costs or runtime with a $ 1,500 debt restructuring loan and a term of 72 months Term of the financial burden shortened.

It is not always easy to get a loan from a bank as an entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed person. A $ 1,500 self-employment loan with a term of 72 months is also possible through our credit portal operated in cooperation with the marketplace, eg as a loan from private individuals. With just one loan application, you will receive many advantageous offers for your $ 1,500 trade loan.

The $ 1,500 home loan with a 72-month loan period is designed for all borrowers seeking an affordable $ 1,500 furniture loan, $ 1,500 renovation loan or $ 1,500 purchase loan with a 72-month loan period to purchase furniture or appliances or to renovate their usual home.

With this 1,500 installment loan, you can co-finance everything related to housing at a reasonable price. Apply now for a credit of 1500 USD on the Internet.

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The best Loans without collateral 2019! Sat, 03 Aug 2019 23:51:25 +0000 Read More "The best Loans without collateral 2019!"]]>

Are you looking for loans without collateral? In that case, you are in the best possible website, because we have a complete guide on these types of loans. And, of course, we also offer you an analysis of the best loan companies without endorsement of the market

Here we leave you all the requirements and conditions that you need to be able to request a loan without collateral. We recommend that you compare well between all companies and financial entities depending on the amount of money you need and your particular economic situation.

What are loans without collateral exactly?

What are loans without collateral exactly?

To explain what non-guaranteed loans are, it may be preferable to start by explaining what secured loans are. That is, normal lifelong loans. In this way, we can clearly see what non-guaranteed loans are by simply removing the guarantee from the equation.

A secured loan (a normal loan) is a loan that a financial institution grants to a person using a thing as collateral for the payment of the debt in the event that the debtor is insolvent.

That is: Imagine that they lend you € 10,000 and put your car as an endorsement. If, month after month, you return the money you owe, nothing happens. If, at the end of the loan repayment period, everything went well and you have returned the money, no problem. The deal has been properly concluded.

However, if you are late in the deadlines or, definitively, you declare yourself insolvent and cannot return the loan, the financial institution will keep your car. In this way, they can sell the car and pay off part or all of the debt.

As you can imagine, these types of loans are quite dangerous, because if you have put the car as collateral and they keep it, they have done a good job. But imagine if what you have put as collateral is your house or that of your parents.

And, believe me, there have been many cases like the latter, and I assure you that you don’t want to see yourself in that dramatic situation,

On the other hand, we have loans without collateral. In these types of loans, the financial institution does not require you to provide a guarantee as a guarantee in case of default. Therefore, in the event that you default, you will be on delinquent lists, but, at least, you will not lose the car, the house or any other guarantee.

Thus, if, a while later, you return the money that they lent you and that you did not return in time, you can leave the list of delinquents and you will not have lost the guarantee.

That is, a loan without collateral is a formula that offers much more security to the borrower.

Now, here is a question to answer: And how is it possible that a financial institution is willing to take a greater risk? And the answer is simple: The higher the risk, the greater the return.

This is a basic investment and loan law: If you lend money in the long term, you will receive more interest than if you lend money in the short term; If you lend money at risk, you will receive more interest than if you lend money safely.

Thus, for the financial institution it is a good business, because the greater risk allows them to charge higher interest. In this way, if someone defaults, they do not need to execute the guarantee of a guarantee, because they already compensate that loss with the extraordinary gains obtained from the other people who have repaid the loan.

Obviously, that being said, it might seem to you that it is not quite a good business for you. After all, if they charge you twice as much interest. Why should you accept it?

Here we enter the choice of the best option for each one, and that is something you should analyze for yourself: Does it compensate you more to pay higher interest or risk your car or your home?

There is no single answer. Each situation is different. However, it is true that loans without collateral are usually acquired by certain types of individuals and families. And we will talk about that in the next section.

Who are fast loans without collateral intended for?

Who are fast loans without collateral intended for?

Fast non-guaranteed loans are designed, above all, for the following groups of people:

Low income

The group that most often uses fast loans without collateral is low income. Why? For the simple reason that they are usually people who have no guarantee to opt for a normal loan.

Imagine a family that lives on rent, does not have a car (or is a badly damaged one, to the point that no entity accepts it as collateral) and has no relatives willing to guarantee them.

What can a family do in that situation? Well, logically, if they need a loan, they have no alternative but to go to a loan without collateral.


Something similar happens to students: They have no properties with which to guarantee their projects. It is true that, sometimes, they have the guarantees of the parents, but it is not always the best idea to use them (as we will see in the section dedicated to loans without collateral for entrepreneurs).

In general, students usually need money for both contingencies and, above all, to undertake business ideas (for unforeseen expenses they usually have the support of parents).

And, of course, there are financial institutions that are willing to grant these loans so that the youngest can realize their business ideas.

Senior citizens

Finally, retirees tend to go to loans without collateral because, although they usually have a property home, it is the only thing they have and, therefore, they are not willing to put it at risk (with very good criteria, that is, He passed).

That is why they prefer to take on slightly higher interests and avoid such a high risk that it would mean losing their home at such an advanced age.

It must be said that, in this case, there are times that financial companies put some obstacles, because it is usual that they have a limit age from which they no longer grant loans (because if the person dies, they would lose the possibility of recovering the money borrowed)

In any case, in the cases in which loans are granted, retirees usually go to this type of loans without collateral, for the reasons that we have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs (and that seem most sensible to us).

Loans without collateral for entrepreneurs: Make your dreams come true

Loans without collateral for entrepreneurs: Make your dreams come true

There are many young people who have ideas to develop companies, but do not have the capital to make them happen. And what the system offers them is that they take their parents’ house and use it as collateral to obtain a loan. And that is very dangerous!

We recommend that you take a loan without collateral. It is true that the interest will be higher, but it is a much smarter option, because, if the company fails, you will have no problem other than having to repay the loan to get off the list of delinquents.

Otherwise, the company will have failed, you will be on the list of delinquents and, in addition, your parents will have been left homeless. And, given that 70% of companies fail before they have been running for two years, taking this precaution is essential.

In addition, there are many non-guaranteed loan financial institutions that offer special loans to entrepreneurs, with conditions slightly different from those offered to other types of people seeking a loan.

And remember that sometimes it is not necessary to take a loan to undertake. Keep that in mind and make sure what you need to set up that company you are so excited about.

What are the characteristics of loans without collateral?

What are the characteristics of loans without collateral?

Then, clarified what they are and for whom the loans without collateral are intended, we mention what are the most common characteristics of this type of loans:

  1. Quick and simple procedure: The first characteristic that these types of loans usually have is that the procedure to obtain them is very simple and fast. In just a few minutes, you are validated (or not) to receive the loan. And, after this approval, it takes less than two days to send the money directly to your bank account.
  2. Reduced amounts: In general, loans without collateral do not amount to such high amounts as you can get in a normal personal loan from any bank. Normally they are smaller amounts that reach, at most, € 1000 (although this will depend on each entity, of course).
  3. Variable terms: The delivery terms of these loans are also quite variable. Some entities give you the loan and demand the repayment after one or two months in full, while other entities raise more traditional terms and repayment methods (with monthly installments).
  4. Interest rates somewhat above average: In general, loans without collateral have a higher than average interest rate, for the simple reason that the entity offering the loan is assuming a greater risk (because, having no guarantee, there is no way to “settle” the debt if you don’t pay). However, in recent times, competition between different entities of this type has meant that these rates do not go through the clouds.
  5. Without paperwork and 100% online: Of course, one of the main attractions of this type of loans is that they are totally online, so you do not have to worry about paperwork. This brings comfort and speed.

What requirements do you need to obtain a loan without collateral?

What requirements do you need to obtain a loan without collateral?

When we take a loan without collateral, they will ensure that we meet certain requirements (of course). These requirements, of course, may vary depending on each entity, but the following are usually common:

  1. Have Spanish nationality: The first requirement will be that you have Spanish nationality. It is important to note that it will not be necessary that you were born in Spain, but simply have a DNI or an NIE.
  2. Being of legal age: Another very common requirement is that you are of legal age. However, in some entities they require you to be over 21 years old, not only of legal age. If you are young, you have to take a look at this requirement to see if you meet it. It is also common for loans not to be granted from a certain age (70 years, for example).
  3. Have regular income: The most important point of loans without collateral is to demand regular income to be able to face the loan. However, it doesn’t matter where that income comes from: It can be a pension, capital income, a subsidy.
  4. Owning a bank account: Logically, you will need a bank account to have the money transferred. The account holder and the loan taker must be the same person.
  5. About being in financial credit institution: Many people wonder if they can grant you a loan while being on the financial credit institution delinquent list. The answer is yes. It will depend on the entity, of course, but many financial institutions that offer loans without collateral are able to analyze your profile and decide whether or not to give you the loan even if you are in financial credit institution.

As you can see, they are not too complicated requirements. In fact, some loans are given with astonishing ease, even being on a list of delinquents such as financial credit institution. Therefore, you should have no problem getting your credit.

 The best mini-credit companies without endorsement

The best mini-credit companies without endorsement

Finally, after having done this in-depth analysis of what they are and what are the characteristics of the loans without collateral, we will now recommend what we consider the best loan companies without collateral.

We have analyzed these companies and have chosen them because they are the ones that offer the best conditions to their clients (therefore, they are the smartest option when contracting a debt):

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Request up to € 1000 in just 15 minutes! Tue, 23 Jul 2019 00:14:24 +0000 Read More "Request up to € 1000 in just 15 minutes!"]]>


Win-Loan is a company specialized in mini-credits instantly with a long established experience in the market. It offers small value credits, of a maximum of € 300 for new clients and € 1000 for those who have already worked with the entity and who have met the established conditions.

They are loans that will be granted to meet specific needs, with a fairly limited repayment time. The loan application is quite simple to take, being able to receive the money in the bank account much sooner than we expect.

If you want to know its benefits, read on to discover all that this financial can offer you.

What exactly is Win-Loan?

What exactly is Win-Loan?

This company is based in Spain, invoicing through the company Tulfoes Finance SL. This name may not convey much confidence; but investigating a little we discovered that the companies are real and that it complies with current regulations. Many clients trust their loans.

All loan applications must be managed through the Internet; that is to say, that we cannot appear in a physical delegation to ask for the money, since we will not find it.

As we have already commented, they specialize in them and that is why it makes sense that they only operate online, since it is the fastest way we have to achieve them. If the management were done physically, the processing time would be very high.

The first time we can request a loan without guarantee of up to € 300, with unbeatable conditions. If we meet the conditions and the return period, in our next application we can request a credit of a maximum of € 1000.

Processing Time

Processing Time

They are called fast credits for something, and that is that the whole process can be completed in just 15 minutes (that is, at that time we will have filled out the application and we will have an answer on whether or not we will receive the money).

If we have an account in some of the branches proposed by the entity, we can have the money in it in a matter of minutes. If not, we must wait between 24 and 48 hours.

Amount to request

Amount to request

Recapitulating the information we have already exposed.

– If you ask for the credit for the first time: You can ask for a maximum of € 300.

-If you ask for a new credit, and you have not had problems in the past: You can ask for a maximum credit of € 1,000.

How to apply for the loan

How to apply for the loan has arranged everything so that we can manage the credit online, with a very simple platform that allows us to do everything on our own, without help and with just having a minimum of computer knowledge.

Now, just in case we don’t clarify ourselves, we can manage the whole process through the phone.

No justifications

Unlike other companies specialized in mini-loans instantly, with Win-Loan we will not need to give any justification on the reason why we are requesting the money. As long as we meet the requirements, and return the money on time, we will have no problem.

Minimum amount

You cannot ask for an amount of money that is less than € 100. For example, if we only need € 50, this will not be the entity we are looking for.

Possibility of requesting an extension

If the day of the loan repayment is approaching, and we are aware that we will not be able to return it on time, we can speak with those responsible for the entity to request an extension (with certain conditions to be met).

The extension can be requested at intervals of 7, 14 or 30 days.

– Extension of 7 days: The cost of extending the payment time to 7 days will be 15% of the total debt.

– Extension of 15 days: The cost of extending the payment time to 15 days will be 20% of the total amount of the credit.

– Extension of 30 days: Finally, if we want to extend the payment time to 30 days, the cost will increase up to 36% of the total.

Although it is desirable to never reach these extremes, at least we know that, even so, there are alternatives.

Requirements to request a loan in Win-Loan

Requirements to request a loan in Win-Loan

The requirements are quite similar to what most of the fast credit online financials usually ask us for:

  • Identification document: The first document that will be required of us will be a copy of our ID or NIE in the case that you are a foreigner.
  • Age: Although it is true that a certain age is not established, there are usually no problems when the interval is between 21 and 65 years.
  • List of defaulters?: The entity does not grant loans if we are in a register of delinquents. The amount will not matter; If there is a prior debt, it will be imperative to meet it before initiating a loan application.
  • Proof of income perception: Although it is not mandatory to have a payroll, if you need to have income of some kind. It can be, for example, an unemployment benefit, allowance, compensation, or other assistance. If you do not have regular income you can try to ask for the loan equally, although the resolution is most likely negative.
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Visa Card: Up to € 5000 without commissions! Fri, 05 Jul 2019 00:21:39 +0000 Read More "Visa Card: Up to € 5000 without commissions!"]]>

Evolve Financing is part of the Evolve bank of Spain, and it is an online financial entity that is quite young and adapted to the new times. As you can see below, it offers the most interesting benefits in both personal loans and credit cards.

Evolve Financing is part of Mercury Global Management, a company that has its headquarters in the US. However, Evolve Financing is fully based in Spain and works as one more Spanish bank.

Its creation was carried out in 2012, making it a pretty young bank. Being so young, it should not surprise us that it perfectly blends the best financial services and an excellent experience through the internet.

It is that ability to offer a lot of quality in terms of financial products through a convenient and mostly online system that has made it quickly position itself in the market as a good option for the most demanding clients.

Advantages of Evolve Financing credit cards

Advantages of Evolve Financing credit cards

The characteristics that Evolve Financing credit cards have are the following:

No commissions

The first thing to note about the credit cards of Evolve Financing is that they have no commission or opening, maintenance, or any other type they can think of (because you have to see how creative banks are to the create commissions!)

Evolve Financing undertakes not to charge you commissions, so you are in a situation of maximum comfort in this regard. If you are tired of your bank charging you commissions for everything, do not hesitate to go to Evolve Financing.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

On the other hand, Evolve Financing credit cards allow you to choose the limit of money you want to spend every month. From that point on, the card will stop working. This is vitally important to keep your personal finances healthy. Not all credit cards allow this option, but Evolve Financing does.

Customer Area on your website

Another interesting point is that you can control all your movements and all your transactions from the Evolve Financing website itself, in your Customer Area. You can also redeem from there the points you have earned for gifts and discounts, and some other advantages as a member of the Evolve Financing community.

You do not need to direct accounts

You do not need to direct accounts

Many banks force you to create an account with them in order to use their credit cards. That does not happen with Evolve bank. If you have your accounts in another bank, you do not need to change to receive your credit card. You will simply use your card, and they will pass the receipt to your current bank.

You have cash at any time

This is a point that is also worth highlighting. You can have cash at any time, because you can spend money from the credit card to your bank account, and replenish it the following month. Great for a timely rush!

Up to 5000 euros

It is also important to note that these credit cards do not have a precisely low limit. You have credit up to € 5000, and, if you have not previously limited it, the card will not put any impediment.

Naturally, we recommend that you be sensible. If you do not have a very high salary, do not spend so much money, because you will be in big trouble. But, beyond that, you have to know that you have that possibility (and having the possibility is better than not having it).

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