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Russia, armed with modern weapons, declared itself undefeated

Navy ready to attack enemy positions: Russian President

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened direct war with the United States and Great Britain. Putin has said the Russian military is ready for war. Putin warned that the Russian Navy was fully prepared to attack enemy positions.

The peculiarity is that Putin made this statement in the midst of Russia’s conflict with America and Britain. In 2014, Russia forcibly annexed Crimea from Ukraine. However, most countries still consider Crimea to be part of Ukraine.

Russia has tested its most advanced air defense system, the S-500 and the Zircon hypersonic missile, amid tensions with the United States and Britain. Russian President Vladimir Putin directly threatened the United States and Britain on Russian Navy Day. He said the Russian Navy is also ready to go to war if necessary.

The enemy lines are on our target and we are ready to attack if necessary. At the same time, Putin called Russia’s weapons undefeated, saying they are weapons that cannot be defeated by the United States or any other country. Putin also claimed that the United States was escalating the conflict.

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