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The Russian military has received the Yenisei radar station, which will likely be integrated into the S-500 air defense system, Gazeta.Ru reported, citing a source.

Air defense system expected to enter service by end of year, Russian deputy defense minister says Alexei Krivoruchko said in a maintenance Last year.

The Yenisei is able to operate continuously for a longer period of time than other air defense radar systems, according to Gazeta.RU, adding that the fully automatic function of the system excludes the possibility of human error.

It is an active-passive radar, which allows it to perform “reconnaissance and detect aerial objects and assign target designations to air defense weapons, even without broadcast”.

Anti-jam system

Another important advance of the platform, its locators are equipped with remote stations, allowing them to avoid being scrambled by enemy systems.

The newspaper attributed many of the US Air Force’s recent successes to its ability to jam enemy air defense systems.

“… the success of the US Air Force’s actions in many local conflicts has been ensured by the fact that virtually all of the air defense systems of opponents in Washington have been suppressed by powerful and well-organized interference.” ” Gazeta.Ru wrote.

“But this does not apply to Yenisei. The higher the interference intensity, the better the locator fixes the target tracks and more precisely gives the target designation to air defense firearms, ”he added.

Another key feature of Yenisei is its ability to sweep an “area,” unlike most other radars that scan in circles, the newspaper wrote, referring to the S-400’s 96L6 full-altitude detection radar station. who is unable to sweep an area. .

Integrated into S-400

Russian aerospace forces were reportedly impressed with the capabilities of the new platform, integrating the Yenisei into the S-400 air defense system in addition to the existing 92N6 radar system.

Quoting the leaders, Gazeta.Ru explained that the Yenisei locator will ensure that the air defense system’s missiles hit their intended targets.

“… The Yenisei ‘sees’ well and accompanies his launched anti-aircraft guided missiles and can determine very precisely whether the target has been hit in the event of an encounter.

In addition, the radar system is also able to spot missiles that release “false targets” after sighting enemy radars to mislead them.

“Yenisei, on the other hand, ‘sees’ such targets, can accompany them regularly and assign them specific target designations. ” Gazeta.Ru added.

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