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Russia’s Soviet-era nuclear defense shield has undergone a major overhaul and has now become one of the most advanced military installations in the world, benefiting from covert technology, one of the companies originally said. of the project.

Speaking to RIA Novosti at the ARMY-2021 conference on Thursday, the Managing Director of RTI Systems, one of the country’s largest defense contractors and supplier of radar equipment and rocket technology, revealed that the Don-2N station in the Moscow region had been upgraded. “It’s being tested”, says Yuri Anochko.

“As a result of this work, the functionality has changed”, and the radar station, which underpins Russia’s nuclear defense network, would now be unmatched by any other in use in the world. While Anoshko declined to reveal the nature of the added functionality, the colossal facility is a key part of the national missile defense network and captures potential long-range threats in the event of nuclear war.

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Construction of the giant dome-shaped structure began in 1978 and took over a decade to get on line. Since then, it has been in continuous service, ushering in the Cold War and acting as the eyes of modern Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Its antennas rise to the height of an 11-story building, and it’s said to be able to track even smaller ballistic missiles that deploy technology to disguise themselves against detection.

Concerns have already been expressed about the growing capacity of countries to identify and intercept incoming nuclear weapons. After the United States successfully intercepted a mock missile attack in 2020, analysts warned that a nuclear state making itself invulnerable at a dam would shift the delicate balance of atomic power and make conflict more likely, not less.

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