July 5, 2019

Visa Card: Up to € 5000 without commissions!

Evolve Financing is part of the Evolve bank of Spain, and it is an online financial entity that is quite young and adapted to the new times. As you can see below, it offers the most interesting benefits in both personal loans and credit cards.

Evolve Financing is part of Mercury Global Management, a company that has its headquarters in the US. However, Evolve Financing is fully based in Spain and works as one more Spanish bank.

Its creation was carried out in 2012, making it a pretty young bank. Being so young, it should not surprise us that it perfectly blends the best financial services and an excellent experience through the internet.

It is that ability to offer a lot of quality in terms of financial products through a convenient and mostly online system that has made it quickly position itself in the market as a good option for the most demanding clients.

Advantages of Evolve Financing credit cards

Advantages of Evolve Financing credit cards

The characteristics that Evolve Financing credit cards have are the following:

No commissions

The first thing to note about the credit cards of Evolve Financing is that they have no commission or opening, maintenance, or any other type they can think of (because you have to see how creative banks are to the create commissions!)

Evolve Financing undertakes not to charge you commissions, so you are in a situation of maximum comfort in this regard. If you are tired of your bank charging you commissions for everything, do not hesitate to go to Evolve Financing.

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to your needs

On the other hand, Evolve Financing credit cards allow you to choose the limit of money you want to spend every month. From that point on, the card will stop working. This is vitally important to keep your personal finances healthy. Not all credit cards allow this option, but Evolve Financing does.

Customer Area on your website

Another interesting point is that you can control all your movements and all your transactions from the Evolve Financing website itself, in your Customer Area. You can also redeem from there the points you have earned for gifts and discounts, and some other advantages as a member of the Evolve Financing community.

You do not need to direct accounts

You do not need to direct accounts

Many banks force you to create an account with them in order to use their credit cards. That does not happen with Evolve bank. If you have your accounts in another bank, you do not need to change to receive your credit card. You will simply use your card, and they will pass the receipt to your current bank.

You have cash at any time

This is a point that is also worth highlighting. You can have cash at any time, because you can spend money from the credit card to your bank account, and replenish it the following month. Great for a timely rush!

Up to 5000 euros

It is also important to note that these credit cards do not have a precisely low limit. You have credit up to € 5000, and, if you have not previously limited it, the card will not put any impediment.

Naturally, we recommend that you be sensible. If you do not have a very high salary, do not spend so much money, because you will be in big trouble. But, beyond that, you have to know that you have that possibility (and having the possibility is better than not having it).

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